Welcome to your ACT 1 Geo: Identify congruent figures

$Q_{1}:$ Geometric figures are congruent if ?

$Q_{2}:$ Two line segments are congruent, if ?

$Q_{3}:$ Two angles are said to be congruent, if

$Q_{4}:$ In a trapezoid, which of the following could be true?

$Q_{5}:$ one of the following is true for an Isosceles triangle?

$Q_{6}:$ Which of the following triangles are congruent?

$Q_{7}:$ Let $\Delta JHK$ is congruent to $\Delta JHI$ and the two triangles share $\overline{JH}. \angle K $ is congruent to $\angle I$ and $\angle JHK$ is congruent to $\angle JHI$. Which of the following is true?

$Q_{8}:$ Which pair of triangles has enough given information to prove that the triangles are congruent?

$Q_{9}:$ For triangles $ABC$ and DEF, $\angle A \cong \angle D$ and $\angle B \cong \angle E$. Based on this information, which statement is a reasonable conclusion?

$Q_{10}:$ In parallelogram $ABCD$, $AB = x + 4$, $BC = x – 6$, and $CD = 2x – 16$, Then $AD=$

$Q_{11}:$ One of the following methods can be used to prove that two triangles are congruent?

$Q_{12}:$ In the following figure, $\angle TOS \cong .......$

$Q_{13}:$ In the figure below the wings are congruent. What is $m\angle D$?

$Q_{14}:$ In figure below, if $\Delta ABC \cong \Delta DBC$, then $m\angle CBD=$

$Q_{15}:$ Let $\Delta ABC \cong \Delta DEF$, the value of $x$ is

$Q_{16}:$ One of the following expression is true for the figure below?

$Q_{17}:$ Let $\Delta KLM \cong \Delta TXY$ and $KL=2b+12$, $TX=4b-50$. What is the value of $b$?

$Q_{18}:$ Given that polygon $XYZW \cong polygon ABCD$. Which of the following congruent to $\overline{YZ}$?

$Q_{19}:$ Given that polygon $XYZW \cong polygon ABCD$. Which of the following congruent to $\angle D$?

$Q_{20}:$ If these shapes are congruent, then the best expression is?

$Q_{21}:$ Which of the following is congruent to side $\overline{PR}$?

$Q_{22}:$ In the diagram, $ABEDC \cong YXTWZ$, find the value of $x$.

$Q_{23}:$ Every triangle is congruent to ........... .

$Q_{24}:$ If $\Delta XYZ \cong \Delta QWE$ AND $\Delta QWE \cong \Delta ASD$, then ............ .

$Q_{25}:$ In diagram below, the value of $x$ is?